My Valentine’s Day Love Note to You:


I figured you needed a pep talk. I’m Anna- you boudoir photographer bestie that is here to give you all the tips! Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day soon or National Single’s Day, you deserve to feel special. This is usually the time of year we update our lingerie closet or we gave up on lingerie years ago!

Why is something that is supposed to make us feel sexy, make us feel the complete opposite?!

Well, I blame women’s sizing. Did you know every company can make up their own size chart and that there isn’t a “standard” size chart to follow? This makes total sense now! I can literally wear a size small in some things and an extra large in others! It’s crazy! But I promise you are not crazy and there is nothing wrong with you!

So how do I pick out lingerie that makes me feel good?

I tell everyone this: if you are not comfortable in it, you are not going to feel sexy in it either. Remember, everyone’s sexy is different. Some women’s sexy is putting an oversized tee on with boyshorts. Others feel sexy in latex or even their birthday suit. Comfort is always number one. 

What size should I get?

Only use your traditional size as a starting point! If you are a 2xl, do not just grab a 2xl and feel bad when you do not fit it. I’ve tried dozens of lingerie brands and they are all completely different! Why should you feel bad because of their bad sizing? So start doing this, grab a size above and below what you normally wear. Heck! Grab 2 sizes up! For far too long I believed that if I could zip it shut, it fit. NOPE. How about we judge sizing based on if we can breathe in it! Can you move around it in? Does it dig into your hips? Does it cover your kitty? If not, IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S THEM. 

What styles should I look for? 

My personal favorite is a body suit or teddy. They flatter ALL body types. Also, matching bra and panty sets are always a classic. I know it can be really intimidating to wear something form fitting but I promise, you do not need to hide! If you have a partner, they already know what you look like, I promise. If you don’t have a partner or if you do, THEN WHO CARES?! You should only try to impress yourself! 

Where should I shop?

Remember, I am not sponsored. I am only trying to help you find that confidence. Click here to go to my ultimate lingerie guide! 

If you need a place to wear your sexy lingerie and to get that much needed confidence boost, my studio is always open for you! Click here to find out more about a boudoir session!

I am always here if you need me!


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