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Planning for a wedding—or any photoshoot, really—can be a whirlwind of emotions and tasks. Among the myriad of things to think about, your appearance, especially your skin, can take a significant spot on your list of worries. As a boudoir photographer, I’ve seen firsthand how acne can become a focal point of stress for many. […]

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Hey there friend, Hope you’re doing amazing! So, I’ve been thinking a lot about maternity boudoir photos recently and how absolutely magical they can be. It’s all about celebrating and embracing the incredible journey of becoming a mom. Let me share some tips and thoughts with you! 1. When’s the Best Time to Take Maternity […]

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Every client that has booked with me was nervous before stepping into the studio. It makes sense right? You are going somewhere new with someone you know from the internet and are going to get half naked in front of them.

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Once you’ve had your boudoir photos taken, you may be eager to have them printed and preserved. However, the world of copyright laws can often make this process a little more complicated than anticipated. In this blog post, we’ll explore the copyright implications of printing boudoir photos and discuss the options available to you, including […]

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It’s completely normal to feel nervous before a boudoir session. Boudoir photography is an intimate and vulnerable experience, and it’s natural to feel a bit anxious or self-conscious about it. However, it’s important to remember that boudoir photography is meant to celebrate your beauty and confidence, and that your photographer is there to support and […]

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If I’ve learned anything, it’s that women are pretty bad at doing things for themselves. We are so busy taking are of other people, that we forget that we deserve some pampering too. Here are some reasons that you should book a boudoir session today! When you need a Boost of Self-Confidence: A boudoir session […]

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Why is women’s sizing so messed up? How can I find lingerie to make me feel sexy and not worse about myself? I give you all the secrets here!

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Why are do boudoir photographers charge thousands of dollars? Don’t they just take pretty photos?

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