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We are here for you always. We want to give you more than enough information that you feel comfortable with the person that will be photographing you and bringing change into your life. Take a look around to learn more about the team, the experience, and the studio.

For a few years now I have been getting gals glammed up for their boudoir sessions and it’s so much more than just that. It’s a very intimate shoot that really allows you to embrace who you are and celebrate it. 

I find so much joy in getting someone comfortable and feeling like their best self beforehand. I am all about making the day about you and hyping you up. 

I love seeing the transformation happen from when she first sits in my chair to when she leaves her shoot feeling like a goddess.

Hair and Makeup Artist


I am going to be honest, I am not your photographer if you want me to photoshop your body and change who you are. I am on a mission to show women what real bodies look like and each one is deserving of love. I can't do that if I change who a person is. You might think you will only like images that hide "problem areas,"  but I promise this experience changes how you see them. 

One thing I learned through being a boudoir photographer is that confidence does not come with a certain number on the scale or pants size. Confidence is a choice. I gained 50 pounds when I started birth control. This was really hard on me at first but I decided my body is deserving of love. This is my body and I can’t change that. I am not the 18 year old girl that I used to be. I am a grown woman and my body supports that. We change mentally as we get older and we do physically as well. Now, I get to share with the world what normal bodies look like. 

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Let's Get Ready

It all starts with you! Once you decide to take this step, you will fill out a contact form down below. You will get an email (so check your spam folder) to automatically book your date or to jump on the phone with my assistant to ask any other questions you may have!

There is a retainer to hold your date which is $200 (Normally $400). This amount covers the cost of multiple things like professional hair and makeup, pre planning guides, access to the client closet, and more! I give you everything you need to be prepared for your shoot.

**Dates are not held unless the deposit is paid. 

**Retainer does not include your art / products.

Time for the Big Day

All my photoshoots include hair and makeup by a licensed pro. Evie, your hair and makeup artist believes in making you feel like the best version of yourself. You will never look cakey and never feel like you don’t know who you are looking at. She will do anything from a natural look to full glam! 

We will jam to your favorite music and sip your favorite drink! We will talk about what outfits to use out of the ones you bring or if you want to use anything in my client closet! Then we spend about an hour photographing. I walk you through each pose from head to toe. I even get in the poses to show you! While I shoot, I show you some images to get a sneak peak. You are not allowed to leave until you have had a few laughs and feel like a million bucks!

The Big Reveal

I take time editing the pictures (typically a couple days) to deliver them to you. Once I am done, we set up a time for you to come back to the studio to see your images in person or do a zoom meeting. Here, we rate images depending on how much you love them and see what collection best fits. Collections start at $800. Al la carte items start at $700. We order any products you want including my best selling albums. Delivery of products takes about 1-3 weeks from final payment. 

*Payment plans available.
*Rush and custom orders available. 

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Because you are worth it

Digital Images

Most collections come with digital copies of your images and you may also purchase digital images separately. Digital images come with a private online gallery for your viewing where you can download them for your keeping.

Best Selling Albums

These beautiful custom albums are an amazing way to turn you into physical art! These are nothing like your grandmas photo album. These are luxury quality with thick pages where the photos are beautifully printed right on the pages. Digital images often sit on your phone and don't get put to use. But your album will be forever cherished by you and lasts a lifetime.

Vivid Wall Art

Bring your art to life in another amazing way! This wall art is uniquely printed on metal for an ultra vivid image. The floating wall mount creates a sleek appearance on your wall. Display it in your room for you to enjoy everyday or display it around your home as you would any other art.

Frequently Asked Questions

where are you located?

I am a Michigan boudoir photographer centrally located in Holly, MI. Many clients drive from all over Michigan and even other states to book with me. Even if you are a far drive, bring your best friend and make a day of it!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Book a same day session together or just bring a friend for moral support! I just ask that the friend is supportive. Any negative talk, I might ask the friend to wait in the car. They also have to let me work. I need to be able to pose and direct how I normally do it. They can't run the session. I've never run into a problem yet!

can i bring my partner?

I am hesitant about this one. This is really an opportunity for you to let loose and partners can make it a little awkward sometimes. Also, if it is a male partner, I feel uncomfortable being in an intimate setting with a male I do not know. If it is for a couples session, I have my makeup artist stay for the entire session for my safety. 

Do you offer couples sessions?

Yes! I capture straight and lesbian couples! As of right now, I do not take gay couples for safety reasons but I will consider it in the future. I only charge an extra $100 fee for a couples session. Let me know before you book and let's make some magic!

Do you have an all female team?

Yes! My team consist of me, the photographer and my makeup artist. During the photoshoot, it is just me and my makeup artist with you. When she is done, it is just me and you. We get to know each other so well at this point that it is super comfortable!

How long of a turnaround time do you have?

After all products or collections are paid in full, I have a 1-3 week turn around time. I have never had a delay before but I cannot control if shipping is delayed or my supplier is running behind. 

Would you photoshop me?

Yes and no. I never change who you are in images. I only take out non-permanent things like acne and bruises. As for permanent things like scars and stretch marks, those are smoothed but not removed. When I take pictures with my professional camera, it is like looking into a magnifying glass at your skin. It is not what you really look like to the average eye. Because of this, I do a simple skin softening but nothing more. I use lighting and posing to do the rest. I want to show you that you are stunning exactly how you are. My mission is to normalize normal bodies. 

Do you have to use my images online?

Absolutely not. I never pressure and never expect my clients to let me use their images online. After a session I ask but am not hurt if I can’t. If you agree to let me use your images, then I send over a contract to make sure we seal the deal and there are no surprises. Some clients let me share all their images, some anonymous photos only, some only certain pictures picked out by them, and some none at all. I give you the freedom to choose since they are your photos. 

When should i book my session?

If you have a specific date that you need your products done by, like a wedding or birthday, I say book about 2-3 months in advanced before that event. If you are doing this to get that confidence boost, then book right away! Let’s not put your mental health on hold. Trust me to do everything.

do i have to bring my own outfits?

As part of the package deal, I send you an outfit guide to shop if you would like to bring your own outfits. I also have a full client closet of outfits you can borrow for your session. View what I have in your size in the menu above. Every outfit is completely cleaned between uses. Usually my clients do a mix of their own outfits and some of mine. I think it is nice to have at least one of your own so you can keep to look back at. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes of course! I know this can be an investment so I work with you to create a custom payment plan. The retainer must be paid in full but any products or collections can be paid in payments. Weekly, bi weekly, or monthly payments are all options. 

can i take my own boudoir pictures?

Technically yes. However, getting selfies taken and professional photos done are completely different. Getting your boudoir photos done by a professional takes the stress off of you and results in you getting high quality and flattering images without the struggle.

what do you wear to a boudoir photoshoot?

Most professional boudoir photographers have an outfit guide of some sorts to get you going. An outfit guide usually contains suggestions like teddys, loose sweaters, and two piece lingerie sets. 

what is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is a type of photography for women that empowers them to feel comfortable in their own skin. With body positivity becoming a focus for women, they use these shoots to get rid of insecurities they carry with them.

what is a good gift for a wedding present?

Often times brides will do a boudoir shoot to gift to their new husband on their wedding day. This is an intimate gift that builds connection and makes a lasting memory.

why is boudoir so expensive?

Boudoir is one of those services that you get what you pay for. As helpful as the experience can be on your mental health and body image, it can also be damaging in the wrong hands. Many good boudoir photographers constantly study their craft and make upgrades to stay relevant. They also offer numerous things along with your session like professional hair and makeup, their expertise during the process, and luxury products.

how much does a boudoir shoot cost?

This can vary depending on location and skill of the photographer. Typically there is a retainer that covers basic studio cost and pays for professional hair and makeup. I am a very established photographer and my prices start at $700 for products. 

Do i need to know how to pose?

Absolutely not! I will show you every single pose, teach you how to do it, and move your body in place if you don't pick it up right away. Do not worry about your hands, your face, your body, because I do all the work for you!

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