Gifts for Her


What do you give the person who has everything? By the time you think of something to buy her, she already bought it for herself. Or the person whose love language isn’t gift giving? Here are some options for you!

Experiences are Key

Sometimes the best thing you can give, is time. Give time to her to do the things she loves. Often times women give those around them everything and put themselves and their mental health on the back burner. Gift her an experience so she can feel recharged again. Here is a list of experiences you can give her!

Spa Day

A spa day is one of those gifts so many desire, but few actually pull the plunge and do it for themselves. Get her the ultimate spa day so she can’t say no! Pro tip: if she has kids, plan a sitter so she doesn’t have to worry about a thing!

Boudoir Photoshoot

In my professional experience, most women want a sexy photoshoot (also known as a boudoir photoshoot) but they need an excuse to do one. Pre paying for her session will give her that reason to finally do something she has been dreaming of. Boudoir sessions are not just experiences with professional hair and makeup and a fun photoshoot, it also helps so many women gain that much needed confidence. Women’s bodies are constantly changing and this is a great way for them to love their new body! Make sure to check out Piper Boudoir for the ultimate luxury experience for her!

Event Tickets

This is a perfect gift for her that she can enjoy with friends, family, or herself! Events can be enjoyed in an afternoon like a concert or over a weekend like an expo. Examples of some events are concerts, movies, comedy shows, theatre, and so much more!

Girls Getaway

If your looking give your friend a gift, take her on a girls getaway! It can be as simple as getting an air bnb out of town and sitting by the water with some beverages. If you’re gifting a partner, this is your ultimate chance to round her friends together and make sure her plans are open for a weekend for all of them to go out.

Surprise Vacation

Imagine she comes home from work on a Friday night and you tell her to pack her bags because you are going somewhere special. You have the plane, hotel, and itinerary made. She just has to enjoy the vacation with you!

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