Boudoir Photography Locations | Ann Arbor, MI

Boudoir Locations

Here are some of the best locations for your boudoir session in Ann Arbor, MI.

Picking a boudoir photographer that matches your style and makes you feel comfortable and heard, is hard enough. Finding a perfect location for your boudoir session can be made easy with these few suggestions. My suggestions include a hotel, Airbnb, and an outdoor location that can be used as studio locations. I have also noted my own photography studio for those looking to travel to a professional studio that is a short distance from Ann Arbor, MI.

State and Liberty Airbnb in Ann Arbor, MI

This Airbnb is a photographer’s and client’s dream come true! The massive windows create gorgeous natural light with jaw dropping backdrops. The 1300 sq foot apartment provides all the necessities you need to create some art including modern furniture, a clean space, enough room to get creative.

As always, I recommend messaging the host prior to booking to confirm that they are ok with photoshoots being done on their property.

Airbnb in Ann Arbor, MI

Weber’s Boutique Hotel & Restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI

Choosing a hotel to have your boudoir photoshoot at can be challenging. Typically hotels are dark, outdated, and have funky patterned carpet. With some digging, I found your best option in the area! Weber’s Boutique Hotel provides plenty of natural light, granite bathrooms, and plenty of space in a deluxe suit. If your schedule is open, I recommend trying to book on a weekday to save some money on the room.

In my experience, you do not need to let hotel staff know you are doing a photoshoot in the space but it never hurts to ask.

Weber’s Boutique Hotel in Ann Arbor, MI

Fuller Park in Ann Arbor, MI

If you are wanting to do something more adventurous, I recommend doing an outdoor boudoir/ bathing suit session. Take some photos by the pool or in the river for an unforgettable experience. Especially during Halloween season, spooky boudoir is a hit! Bring a fog machine, a sexy spooky costume, and make some magic!

This park may have an entrance fee. Unless you do outdoor photos on private property, be prepared for people to watch!

Fuller Park in Ann Arbor, MI

Piper Boudoir’s Luxury Studio in Holly, MI

Willing to travel? It can be hard finding the perfect place to have your boudoir session done. That’s why I have a studio where I specifically only capture boudoir. This means that my studio is set up to have privacy, optimal lighting, and modern furniture to compliment your photos.

I also have an entire lingerie closet in my studio that clients are allowed to borrow from with no additional charge. This makes planning for your boudoir session easy! Take a day off work and enjoy a complete luxury experience that you will never forget. The confidence and self love you find with a boudoir photoshoot is life changing!

Boudoir Studio in Holly, MI

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