The Best Wedding Day Present For a Groom From the Bride



The Best Wedding Day Present For Groom From Bride

Every man is different. Maybe your man is a music lover. Or he could be an all outdoors hunter type. Whoever he is, whether he be a bookworm, a video game junkie, or even a cowboy, chances are he has one thing in common with majority of other males. 

He loves his Fiancé and thoroughly enjoys her innate sexiness. 

Let’s be real here, it’s a pretty rare man who is not sexually driven by his counterpart. Which is why, whether he’s a hunter gatherer sort of man or an IT genius, he will LOVE the best wedding day present for Grooms from their Bride: a Professional Boudoir LookBook. 

The Best Wedding Day Present for the Groom, From the Bride

If you’ve saved your wedding night for your “first time”, you can only imagine his excitement when he gets to view a preview of his bride in a manner he’s never seen before. Not only will you take his breath away, he’ll know you did such a thing only for him. Going out of your comfort zone to give your future husband a teaser trailer will not go unnoticed. 

Even if you and your future husband are familiar with each other’s bodies prior to your wedding night, it’s a unique and seductive gift that he will cherish forever. 

Here are Five reasons why a Boudoir Photoshoot LookBook is the best wedding day present for your groom from you, the bride. 

  1. It’s not just sexy pictures of any woman. It’s sexy pictures of the woman he loves the most.

    Men aren’t always great about saying how they feel, so often we as women are left to simply watch their actions to spell out their love for us. They often work hard to provide for us, they like to be close to us, and they enjoy the way we look. More than any other woman on this planet, they’ve chosen us to be the woman they look at for the rest of their lives. That’s a huge title I think we underestimate.

  2. It’s extremely personal.

    Your future husband knows how personal such a gift is and will be ecstatic to see you do something like this for him. In your future marriage you will find yourself doing several things just “because you love him.” You can start with this gift, and he will be extremely grateful. 

3. There is a lot of vulnerability in it, and the willingness to do that is very sexy to a man.

It’s underrated how much confidence is alluring to men. Many men can find it surprisingly attractive at times they least expect it. Seeing you, the woman they admire most, drop down to her negligee and command portraits worthy of a magazine cover. Oh yes, that’s attractive.  

4. They will continue to enjoy it over the entire marriage- long distances and such.
Your husband is bound to take a long distance trip once in a while (or more). How much more personal, intimate and- let’s be REAL here- MATURE is it, that you can send him with his ‘Little Black Book’. Instead of acting like a thirsty college girl and trying to snapchat him a revealing selfie while he’s gone. A little black book, of his wife, his love, that he can stow away and have 0 worries of accidentally opening a NSFW image of you while at dinner with his work colleagues. 

5. It’s rewarding for you as a woman as much as it is a gift for him. 

Giving this to him, is as much a gift to yourself as it is for him. In your future marriage, you are going to grow and evolve and mature in ways you likely never imagined. You’re leaving behind that scared, young girl, brokenhearted and afraid she’ll end up alone. And you’re stepping into a woman who has faith in her spouse, prioritizes her marriage, does everything she can to understand her significant other, and let’s go of selfish and foolish behavior in effort towards the greater good. Boudoir photography is a stepping stone to the new you.

When you get it right, with the right photographer and the right professionals who know what they are doing; you realize you aren’t there just shedding-your-mask, and stepping out of your comfort zone.

You are there embracing the real you.

The woman you truly are, the one you are meant to share with your Fiance, the one he fell in love with. Not the one everyone else gets, the one he gets. That woman is worth all the images, all the effort, all the fear and all the doubts. She is worthy of embracing and chasing and, to your future spouse, worthy of partnering with for the rest of their life!

Celebrating your marriage by giving your husband the best gift for a groom from a bride, a boudoir photo session lookbook, is one of the best ways to say “I love you so much, I am willing to get uncomfortable just to make you happy.”

It says “I love you more than I want to hold onto my fear.”

A wedding gift for your groom on your wedding day like that says “I’m willing to do things, things I might not normally do, just because I love you THAT much.”

And, my friend, that is what marriage is…living your life loving the other person as much as you love yourself. Being willing to sacrifice some of your wants, comforts, and desires in hopes it’s what is best for everyone=. You, your spouse, and your future family if you choose to have one.

This is why boudoir images and a lookbook is the best wedding gift a bride can give her groom. It’s all these things, and even more. But I think we’ve established the answer you were searching for.

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