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Can we talk about the phrase “plus size” for a moment? Can I be honest for a minute? I really hate it. Why is it that we don’t say “skinny size” but have a designated label for those above a certain number? When you walk into a store, why is there an entire section for “plus sizes.” Funny enough, the average size in America is a size 12 but many brands don’t even go up to that! We’re all beautiful, and we all come in different shapes and sizes – and that’s something to be celebrated, not segregated.

That said, I understand the frustrations that many women face when looking for the perfect lingerie, particularly if they don’t fit the so-called “standard” sizes. This guide is a tribute to those women and a tool to help you shop for lingerie. There are beautiful, comfortable, and stylish options out there, and I’m here to help you find them.

Brands That Celebrate All Sizes

Before we delve into what to look for, here are some brands that I personally love and recommend. They offer a variety of sizes, and they don’t discriminate.

  1. Savage X Fenty – Known for their inclusivity and bold designs.
  2. Tutti Rouge – A brand that focuses on comfort and fitting all body types.
  3. Playful Promises – If you’re looking for something flirty and fun, look no further.

What to Look For

Now that we have some brands in mind, let’s focus on specific types of lingerie that are flattering and comfortable for all body types:

  1. Bodysuits: My absolute favorite! They look good on ALL body types. I especially look for thong or cheeky backs, as they accentuate the curves. Plus, bodysuits are incredibly comfortable. Trust me, you’ll feel fabulous in one!
  2. High-Rise Bottoms: These give some tummy control and usually offer more coverage in the front. I find most panties barely cover the kitty, so I look for bottoms that offer a good amount of coverage in the front but still accentuate the goods in the back.
  3. Shapewear: Don’t dismiss shapewear as boring or strictly functional. A lot of shapewear is starting to become super comfortable and pretty! Many brands make styles you can dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

Book a Boudoir Session

Finally, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, why not consider booking a boudoir session with me? I can help you shop for the perfect outfits, or you can simply use my closet of carefully selected lingerie to skip the hassle. The aim is to make you feel confident, beautiful, and, most importantly, comfortable in your own skin. Click here to visit my website and start your journey to embracing your true self.


The world of lingerie doesn’t have to be a struggle for women who don’t fit the conventional sizes. With the right brands and styles, you can find pieces that make you feel like the incredible, beautiful person you are. Let’s stop dividing ourselves by labels and start celebrating our uniqueness. After all, beauty comes in all sizes.

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