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Here are some of the best locations for your boudoir session in Grand Rapids, MI.

Picking a boudoir photographer that matches your style and makes you feel comfortable and heard, is hard enough. Finding a perfect location for your boudoir session can be made easy with these few suggestions. My suggestions include a professional photo studio, an Airbnb, and an outdoor location that can be used as studio locations. I have also noted my own photography studio for those looking to travel to a professional studio. So many of my clients love to grab a friend and take a day trip to see me at my studio! In case you want to stay local, here are my recommendations!

Studio 616 by Grand Rapids, MI

The first thing I look for in any studio is natural light and WOW does this studio have it! This studio boasts of floor to ceiling windows and this space is made specifically for photographers. There is a four hour minimum to rent the space and it is $125 an hour. Typically boudoir photoshoots last about 3 hours between professional hair and makeup and the actual photographing. Usually this cost is not built in to photographers prices since most have their own studio. So you would definitely want to consider this!

Studio 616 in Grand Rapids MI

Stylist Apartment Airbnb in Grand Rapids, MI

An Airbnb is another great place to do a boudoir session! There are endless options in Grand Rapids and all over Michigan. This also gives you variety if you do multiple sessions. This apartment has plenty of natural light, neutral tones, and just enough space! Best part is, it is only $150 a night! This could also cut costs a bit if your photographer is coming out of town because they can stay the night here too. That way you don’t have to pay a separate hotel cost in addition to a studio rental.

Stylish Apartment Airbnb in Grand Rapids, MI

Duck Lake State Park Near Grand Rapids, MI

If you are wanting to do something more adventurous, I recommend doing an outdoor boudoir/ bathing suit session. Take some photos by the beach or in the river for an unforgettable experience. Especially during Halloween season, spooky boudoir is a hit! Bring a fog machine, a sexy spooky costume, and make some magic!

This Michigan State Park has so many trails and places to swim that I wouldn’t worry about it being too crowded for photos. I always suggest doing photoshoots in the morning anyway and most beaches don’t get crowded until the afternoon. Especially during Halloween season, spooky boudoir is a hit! Bring a fog machine, a sexy spooky costume, and make some magic!

Duck Lake State Park

Piper Boudoir’s Luxury Studio in Holly, MI

Willing to travel? It can be hard finding the perfect place to have your boudoir session done. That’s why I have a studio where I specifically only capture boudoir. This means that my studio is set up to have privacy, optimal lighting, and modern furniture to compliment your photos. I also have an entire lingerie closet in my studio that clients are allowed to borrow from with no additional charge. This makes planning for your boudoir session easy! Take a day off work and enjoy a complete luxury experience that you will never forget. The confidence and self love you find with a boudoir photoshoot is life changing!

Piper Boudoir Studio in Holly, M

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