9 Ways to Feel Extra Confident for Your Boudoir Shoot



There’s nothing more nerve wracking than stripping down to your bra and undies to take some “beauty photos.”

Being in your most vulnerable attire and allowing a photographer to capture your booty can be enough to make you break a sweat just thinking about it. 

Nonetheless, if boudoir photography is something you decide to take part in, whether for your spouse, future spouse, or even for yourself, here are 9 ways to feel like your most confident self when preparing for your close-up. 

1. Be more confident by being open minded

It should go without saying, but it’s extremely important to go into any photography session open minded. Whether that be your generic family photo session, or something as intimate as boudoir photography. Having an open mind will allow your photographer to do what they do best. Capture stunning moments while alleviating your need to “know what you are doing.”

When you maintain an open mind you may try a pose you may not have thought of. A good boudoir photographer knows how to capture every body, in every size, in a sexy and seductive fashion. In ways that will have your spouse or anyone who sees your photos feeling your confidence from just glancing at the images. And we all know, confidence is the sexiest thing anyone can wear. 

2. Keep in mind there isn’t a “normal” body

While magazines and Instagram would like us to believe that there is a specific body type that everyone thinks is desirable, the fact of the matter is that’s simply NOT true. Men and women alike are attracted to different bodies, for different reasons. No two people are going to imagine the exact same thing. What one finds attractive, another may say isn’t his type. All that to summarize, your sexy is sexy to someone. Being sexy to everyone is overrated anyways. 

If we are going to try to speculate normal; cumulative average for women in America is a size 14. I’d also argue that if you asked any man on the street what a size 14 looks like he would have NO IDEA. We as women only know it because some manufacturer uses it to label a specific size of waist. Worry less about your size for your shoot, and more about hiring a talented photographer that knows how to capture every body. 

Have a Confident Boudoir Photoshoot by:

3. Knowing that you are not alone & Everyone gets nervous.

Recognize that if you are nervous, so was the last woman who was in your shoes. And so will the women be after you. But by taking part and sharing your experience with other women, your confidence can grow and empower someone else. Stepping out of our comfort zone always requires growth. And growth can come with pain, but that’s not without reward. 

4. Remember why you are doing a boudoir shoot- to GAIN confidence!

You do not need to have confidence coming in, but you will leave with some. Hands down.

As a photographer but also a boudoir veteran, I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Beyond the overall excitement of your experience, I plan for you to leave recognizing the fierce feminine seductive queen you are. You don’t have to LOVE the way you look every single day, to simply LOVE the way you feel during your photoshoot. 

5. Feel Extra Confident by Getting pampered Prior to Your Boudoir Shoot

We do professional hair and makeup right in the studio – this helps you feel amazing while getting to know the team before the shoot. Majority of everyone’s nerves go away during this time.

This isn’t just another photoshoot, this is an event. This is a date with yourself and it should feel that way. Whatever it is you do on days to simply feel beautiful, whether that’s getting a pedicure, hair done, nails done, or a body wax. Be sure to do it prior to your shoot. Using that plus the fact that our shoots come with complete makeup by a professional and experienced make-up artist, you’re likely to feel fearless. 

6. Get outfits that fit for your body type and make you feel amazing

Choosing lingerie or whatever look-of-desire you prefer is critical. Saying yes to the right boudoir outfit is almost as important as saying yes to your wedding dress. For our clients I offer a one of a kind client closet with looks for every body type, pigment shade and style. This is because things look different on a hanger than they do on your body.

Fortunately as a professional boudoir photographer I can help you navigate what might be a good fit and what you may want to stay away from. You may be surprised what you feel best in. Again, this comes back to number 1: Keeping an open mind.

Boudoir Confidence Tip #7:

7. Recognize loving your body is a choice and it does not always come natural

Decide that you can’t change your body in a day, so you might as well love yourself exactly where you are. When you do this, and recognize that you only get one body in this one life, you may start to treat yourself differently. Maybe you’ll pay closer attention to what you put into your body and on it. How your talk to yourself. Why waste time and years hating what you have? Especially when again…there is no real normal.

8. Sometimes you need to have that adult beverage

In our studio, optional mimosas are offered to feel relaxed. While Alcohol may not be for everyone, something to calm the nerves can be an asset and not always a liability. So having a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail may help you to relax. But bear in mind any more than 1 or 2 could cause bloating or fatigue. Two things that won’t make for the best shoot, so enjoy in moderation and of course, always drink responsibly. 

9. Build Boudoir Confidence by Playing Your Favorite Music

In our studio, Fergie and Megan Thee Stallion are always on blast. But we will happily put your jams on to have a great time. If top 40 isn’t your vibe, let’s blast out rock, classic rock, classical or country. Whatever puts you at ease should be welcome at your photoshoot. 

Bonus Boudoir Confidence Tip # 10: Finding the right photographer is critical!

You should feel connected with your photographer and hair and makeup artist. My clients feel like we are close friends by the time they finish. If your photographer can’t make you feel at ease right away, or at least during your shoot, I’d say it’s time to reconsider if they’re the best fit for you.

Not everyone clicks right away, and that’s ok. But you should feel fairly comfortable. Comfortable to make requests, ask questions and most importantly laugh! Laughing during your session will make you feel extremely confident and it helps to cut through the awkward tension. Your photographer doesn’t need to be a comedian, but they should be able to help you laugh a little and enjoy the silliness of getting *mostly* naked for a professional photoshoot.

Overall, enjoy your boudoir photo session as much as you can.

Being nervous about it may be hard to avoid, but enjoying the experience is definitely a choice. When it’s all said and done, if done by a professional photographer & make-up artist, you will feel beautiful and fierce! 


– Anna K.

Piper Boudoir

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Holly, MI



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