9 of the Best Plus Size Lingerie Brands


When it comes to dressing for your body type, wearing what fits is ideal. Having curves and being feminine in your figure [Hello, Body-like-a-Backroad, was NOT written about a woman without curves!] is about so much more than fashion. It’s about feeling empowered as a woman.

What about lingerie? Could feeling sexy and attractive in it it really be as simple as the fit? Well, I’m here to tell you it is. And whatever size you are, fitting into your lingerie, just like your clothes, makes the biggest difference in your confidence.

Here are 9 of the Best Plus Size Lingerie Brands:


You may not know it, but plus size lingerie is a booming business.

In fact, plus size women make up over 50% of the population and their clothing market share is expected to reach $20 billion by 2020. Plus size lingerie specifically has been growing steadily for years now, with many plus-size women looking forward to being able to shop in stores that carry plus sizes. Torrid offers an impressive selection of plus size intimates from bras and panties to sleepwear and shapewear – all available in your desired color. And best yet, they have options for everyone: from petite figures on up through extra curvy bodies! They also offer extended cup sizes well beyond DD as well.

Tutti Rouge

Tutti Rouge is a plus size lingerie brand that started in 2011.

They have been dedicated to plus size lingerie since day one.

In fact, they were the first Fuller Bust Specialist Brand on the market and has not slowed down their dedication ever since then.  It’s great to know there are still companies out there who want to make plus size women feel sexy and beautiful!


Shein offers a plus size lingerie brand that offers an impressive selection of plus size intimates from bras and panties to sleepwear and shapewear – all available in your desired color and options.

However, what makes Shein really stand out is their commitment to affordability. You can often find plus size lingerie sets for as low as $10-$15, which is unheard of when compared to other brands. While the quality may not be quite as high as some of the more expensive brands, it’s hard to beat the price. So if you’re looking for something very affordable be sure to go with Shein. Just make sure you order well in advance, sometimes their shipping times are fairly long.


Yandy has plus size lingerie for all shapes and sizes, but the plus size selection is top notch.

Yandy offers plus size lingerie for women with curves in every shape and color imaginable, from panties to shapewear.

If you’re looking to make a statement of self-confidence with your intimates – it’s time to explore Yandy!

Fashion Nova

Where a lot of plus size Lingerie brands still cater to women with an hourglass figure. Not Fashion Nova. Sure they have the hourglass figure choices as well, but Apple shaped, pear shaped are all accommodated in their selection.

When shopping, you want to know what something will actually look like ON YOU! On Fashion Nova, you’ll see women who look just like you, wearing the lingerie you’d like to have and can easily discern which cuts and colors will flatter your specific shape best.

Savage Fenty

I’ve talked about Savage Fenty before and how much I love it. It’s lingerie designed by Rihanna, and she delivers SO well! Not only does Rihanna embody self expression and the definition of sexy, IMHO. But with her brand, she does a great job of creating flattering designs for every woman.


Loungeunderwear actually has an online Fitting room. They will take you through a series of questions right on their website to help match you with the best options they have for you.

It reminds me of the personal sales touch and experience we used to get at Victoria Secret Pre-Covid. It’s online though- which is so much more convenient. Through their “Find Your Fit” portal, they’ll ask you some personal questions about how you like the fit of your current bras, their material, your cup size- even how well or unwell your girls fit into those cups. Through your answers you’ll eventually get a 3D display and virtual shopping experience of your lounge set. It’s not only fun, but it’s likely to give you the best fit and sizing you can get while shopping virtually.

Playful Promises

Is retro or Pin-up style your thing? Then look no further than Playful Promises. Not only do they offer all sorts of different sizes- they also offer very unique looks for Lingerie types including a Retro line that caters to the rock-n-roll pin-up 50’s style ladies, but with so much flare! If you are looking for unique- Playful promises is for you.

Lane Bryant

You know your best friend who is always there for you? Always has your back, and is reliable to no end? Lane Bryant is that best friend- in Lingerie style for plus size ladies.

Not only will you be comfortable in their beautiful pieces (something where LB has always shined: comfort), but you’ll feel confident and oh so sexy. Your best friend is capable of bringing out the best in you, and that’s how Lane Bryant is for your Lingerie needs.

So what did you decide to wear? Did you choose any of these brands or something else? Join the conversation in our VIP group!


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